Family Skate Session

Sat. afternoon 2:00-4:00  

$4 adm $FREE skate rental


Join us every Fri and Sat night 6:30-10:00  

$8 admission $2 skate rental.


No Charge for Spectating Parents

Checkout our new party packages 



If you are looking for clean family fun or a great Birthday Party  you have found the right place.  Stop by and ROLL with us!

Rollerblades not allowed

Family skate​

Saturday   2:00-4:00

$4 admission  /  free Skate Rental

Family Skate Food Specials

$14 Whole Pizza and 4 drinks

Made fresh in our stone oven!


Fri. and Sat nights 6:30-10:00

$8 admission / $2 Skate Rental


Email us at or message us on Facebook for any questions. 

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