Family Skate Session

Sat. afternoon 2:00-4:30  

$4 adm $FREE skate rental


Join us every Fri and Sat night 6:30-10:00  

$7 admission $2 skate rental.


No Charge for Spectating Parents

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We always  have a WHEEL good time!


If you are looking for clean family fun or a great Birthday Party  you have found the right place.  Stop by and ROLL with us!


Be sure to like us on facebook to keep up with our upcoming events.    

Rollerblades not allowed

Family skate​

Saturday   2:00-4:30

$4 admission  /  free Skate Rental

Family Skate Food Specials

$14 Whole Pizza and 4 drinks

Made fresh in our stone oven!


Fri. and Sat nights 6:30-10:00

$7 admission / $2 Skate Rental


Email us at or message us on facebook for details about fund raisers.  A Skating Party is WHEEL fun and a great way to raise money or awareness for your cause.  Some restrictions apply. 

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